DASUDA Lagos Lab 2015

Lagos originated at the Lagoon and developed rapidly around its water edges. This caused lots of challenges, but maybe even more opportunities. If we look at it from that perspective the lagoon is Lagos’ safe belt, battery, feeding ground, connection and attraction.
A group of Nigerian and Dutch experts have started to work together on the big themes of Water, Housing, and Mobility and all in relation and connection with the meaning of the Lagoon for an explosive growing city.
During the inception week which took place in Lagos last March it came clear that those three main topics should be part of any project location subject of the Lagos Lab 2015. Sub-themes within this among others are the relation between heritage and the water, spatial economic development in relation to the protection of the lagoon, accommodation of local economies and systems, etc.
The workshops, hosted at the Federal Palace the 22nd and the 23rd of June, were the testing ground for our ideas. Together with local professionals we defined the long term objectives and project and the short term first stage for a feasible and implementable project.
Coming months the Lagos Lab team will continue to collectively work on first actions to take into first step towards implementation to reach the long term vision of the Lagos Lagoon City: the realization of the Lagos Lagoon Centre pavilion before construction of a ring dike structure.
DASUDA organized a seminar in the morning of Thursday 25th of June at the Federal Palace for sharing the first workshop results and debate with the audience, identify stakeholders, possible shareholders and partners.
Starting point for the seminar was the vision that the Lagoon is the source of Lagos and can become the vibrant heart of a 21st century worldwide renowned metropolis. Visionary perspectives have been presented in a concrete manner with awareness of the current state of the city and with implementation driven tools and approaches.
The seminar was an important step in the Lagos Lab 2015 process towards the final outcome in September/ October.

DASUDA sincerely thanks all workshop participants and seminar attendees.