Spatial planning workshops in Kiambu and Uasin Gishu

Large parts of Kenya face rapid urbanization. Counties are now responsible for spatial planning, since devolution gave them the power and obligation to take care of the physical aspects of their piece of Kenya.

DASUDA worked in collaboration with RVO and Rebel Group in a second workshop series of the RAIN project on urban planning principles in the county of Kiambu and the county of Uasin Gishu. Focusing on data validation, mapping and Geo Information System use and the advantages of a coherent information system and being able to combine various layers of information on topographical maps.

Key element of the DASUDA approach is the interdisciplinary setting of the work team in an early stage. We were very fond of the fact that although the RAIN concept and strategy phase still has to commence, the local teams were already participating with spatial planners, economists, trade experts and responsible officers for agriculture, environment and roads en works.

The parallel program of our economist team to have an on-ground soft market testing with companies throughout the county added the findings on challenges and qualities from a business perspective. This effort made it possible to review the available data and link the dots between sectoral information and business experience and created a comprehensive integral insight .

We are looking forward to the next phases to achieve an urban planning context that secures a spot on investment in agro-industrial business environment .